Friday, August 25, 2017

Campfire Stout

High Water Brewing (Lodi, CA)
"This beer was a blast to create and brew. We put over 4 lbs per bbl of Graham crackers in the mash, we used chocolate malt and to top it off added a natural toasted marshmallow flavor." High Water bills themselves as brewers of "unique flavors for the curious palate". This is a stout beer flavored with Graham Crackers and molasses that "leaves you wanting S'more". It almost pulls it off. Definitely get the chocolate and marshmallow and the Graham cracker is very subtle. Not nearly as odd as it initially sounded. Certainly not an everyday beer, but glad I tried it.
ABV 6.5%, 38 IBU
6.5% ABV, 39 IBU
From Hopsy.