Sunday, October 01, 2017

Extra Stout

Guinness & Co. (Dublin, Ireland)
"As deep as Guinness Extra Stout’s color is its taste. Crisp barley cuts through hops. A bite draws you in, bold flavors linger. Bitter marries sweet. A rich, refreshing taste. Brewed with skill. Built to last."

Haven't had one of these since about 40 years ago and trying to figure out why I thought I didn't like it.  Perhaps because I lived in Hawaii and god only knows how old, or how mishandled the beer was, or maybe because back then I thought of Coors as a really good beer.
I was really expecting to be disappointed. However ...
... I thoroughly enjoyed this beer. Lighter and more refreshing than traditional stouts. Hints of coffee on top of a nice malt taste with a dry crisp finish.
I got this 22 oz. bomber on sale for about half the price of the American craft beers. Not sure it will be a regular but I will definitely do it again.

5.6% ABV, 40 IBU