Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blueberry Wheat

San Diego Brewing (San Diego, CA)
"A simple malt bill of 2-Row and Wheat provide the backbone for this light golden wheat beer with hints of blueberry. Hopped solely with Mt. Hood brings mild forest and floral notes, but allows the blueberry and wheat flavors to dominate this refreshing brew."

WOW! When they say blueberry, they mean BLUEBERRY!
The initial aroma was over the top blueberry with just a hint of maltiness that calmed down quite a bit after the pour. Wonderful smell, but nor very "beer-like".
Crisp. Lots of blueberry, which I found quite pleasant. Some yeasty maltiness in the background.
Very carbonated. Left a very nice bitter/sweet aftertaste.
When they say blueberry, they mean BLUEBERRY! The beer is tasty and oh so quaffable (perhaps too much so). Very enjoyable beverage ... but it could have used a bit more "beerness". A no-brainer for serving to you non-beer drinking friends.

ABV 4.5%