Sunday, May 13, 2018

Experimental Hop Double IPA

Sierra Nevada Brewing (Chico, CA)
"Complex and resiny. An aggressive new hop varietal plays tricks on the mind in this bold Double IPA. Though the beer has never seen the inside of a barrel, HBC 472 lends it a distinctive oaky, barrel-aged character. Jackson 104 brings heavy fruit-forward and citrus-like flavors to the beer, while Steiner 07270 rounds out the hop finish with deep, resinous notes of dank pine and grapefruit for a complex and powerful beer."

Smooth, fruity. A little citrus and a hearty maltiness.
Very complex, very good.

ABV 8%,IBU 67
Hops: Experimental Hops 472, 104 & 07270
Malt: Two-Row Pale, Honey Malt, Caramel, Chocolate
Yeast: Ale Yeast