Friday, June 01, 2018

Pabst APA

Pabst Brewing (Los Angeles, CA)
I was in a strange beer buying mood yesterday. Beers from Pabst and Anheuser Busch, seriously?
Merchandised in the beer cooler along with the craft beers, it stood out. At first, the price floored me. $7.78 for a six of cans? Then I noticed they were 16 oz cans, Tall Boys as we called them when I was 18 (drinking was legal at 18 then). Yes, I felt oddly embarrassed as I headed for the checkout with Bud and Pabst in my cart.
The taste is crisp, sharp, and initially was a bit skunky. Not undrinkable is probably the best I could say about this.

5% ABV