Monday, August 06, 2018

Ruthless Rye 2018

Sierra Nevada Brewing (Chico, CA)
"Rustic grains, refined flavor, ruthless character.
Rugged and resilient, rye has been a staple grain for ages and its spicy black pepper-like flavor has been prized by distillers and brewers for centuries. Rye thrives in the harshest conditions and comes to life in Ruthless, a rugged IPA with fruity, citrus and herbal hop notes countered by the dry spiciness of the rye. Holding a steadfast balance between contrasting malt and hop character, Ruthless is bold enough to inspire even the most brazen hop head to bear down and embrace the flavor."

Pepper, fruit, and somewhere in the back, a note of sweetness.
A beautiful pour and quite delicious.
I actually think this will taste better once the weather cools down.
From the 2018 fall mix pack.

ABV 6.6%, IBU 55
Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Ekuanot, Citra
Malt: Two-row Pale, Caramel, Chocolate, Rye
Yeast: Ale Yeast