Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Peninsula Pilsner

Alvarado Street Brewery (Salinas, CA)
"This Pilsner is all about the delicate balance of soft European malt and floral, spicy notes from classic Noble hops used, which include Czech Saaz and German Tettnang. Our house lager strain adds a pleasant minerality and attenuates fully for a crisp, clean and dry finish. Basically, we brewed this beer selfishly so we could have a hoppy pils to drink. Super refreshing, tons of flavor, sessionable for any occasion."

Crisp, clean. Floral and herbal with a hint of spiciness and faint citrus.
Very enjoyable.

ABV 5.2%
Hops: Czech Saaz, Saphir
Malt: Weyermann Pilsner
Yeast: Augustiner Lager