Monday, April 06, 2020

Frozen Envelope

HenHouse Brewing (Santa Rosa, CA)
"This beer pours as orange as a regulation basketball with a fluffy head on top as satisfying as a 3-point swish! It smells like juice, looks like juice, tastes like creamsicles!"
Curious if they've ever seen a "regulation" basketball, but it is fairly orange ... and hazy.
The aroma is of ripe orange with some grapefruit.
Bitter citrus and a tad soapy with a subtle vaguely sweet maltiness.
Light carbonation. Very easy to drink. Slightly astringent at the finish.
While I admit to being a little burnt out on this style I do find this a decent quaff.

ABV 6.2%
Hops: Ahtanum, Idaho 7