Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Palio Italian-style Pilsner

Alvarado Street Brewery (Salinas, CA)
"What's an Italian-style Pilsner? The ones we've encountered have an unmistakably fresh Noble hop aroma; floral, tea-like, a little spicy and quite elegant. We chose to dry hop this clean lil' nugget of a beer with German Tettnang hops. Extraordinarily drinkable with a zippy bitterness and crisp finish."
I was intrigued by the description "Italian-style pilsner" and being a big fan of the pilsner style I had no choice but to try it.
Poured from a 16 oz. can into my trusty nonic pint.
Beer was 2 months old to the day.
Light golden yellow with a thin white head (despite an aggressive pour).
It looks and smells like a classic pilsner.
Taste is spicy and biscuity with a pleasantly sweet finish.
Light, refreshing, and thoroughly enjoyable.
Overall good ... very good but I'll be sticking with the more traditional bohemian-style pilsners.

ABV 5%,
Hops: Tettnang
Malt: American 2-Row, Carafoam