Saturday, April 18, 2020


Heater Allen Brewing (McMinnville, OR)
"Our Pilsner is a little more golden, rounder, and a little more malt driven than many other versions. The beer possesses strong hop character that is balanced by its rich, round, malty palate. Refreshing and balanced."

Poured 18 days after canning.
Crisp, bright, and fruity. Nice malt balance.
It is certainly more hop-forward than many of the Czech-style Pilsners I've had lately.
Gotta love a brewery that is dedicated to producing only Czech and German-style lagers and that devotes 75% of their production to this beer.
Yeah, they definitely got it right.

ABV 5%
Hops: Czech Saaz
Malt: Bohemian Pilsner