Saturday, August 22, 2020

Oktoberfest 2020

Sierra Nevada Brewing (Chico, CA)
"Our Festbier is a refreshing ode to beer’s biggest party. Toasty malts and German hops yield notes of fresh bread and floral, fruity character for a balanced, crisp lager that makes any moment festive."

Just like the Oktoberfest celebration, the planned collaboration for this beer also bit the dust, but I'll be darned if Sierra Nevada doesn't know how to brew a tasty fest beer on their own.
This is good, really good. Malty, sweet, and very satisfying. I think it is better than last year's collaboration.

ABV 6%, 28 IBU
Hops: Spalter, Spalter Select
Malt: Two-row Pale, Munich, Vienna
Yeast: Lager