Monday, December 07, 2020


 Heater Allen Brewing (McMinnville, OR)
"When we first brewed Schwarz we were going for a traditional Schwarzbier. Over the last couple of years, after trips to Germany and the Czech Republic, we have realized our beloved Schwarz is much more similar to a tmavé pivo, or Czech-style dark lager, as it’s a bit rounder and maltier than a German Schwarzbier. The beer's aroma is malty/espresso, with a hint of dark chocolate. On the palate, malt, chocolate and espresso flavors take center stage. The sweet maltiness just offsets the more bitter/roasty notes, producing a smooth, rich brew. The hops provide balance, but virtually nothing to the aroma."

A deliciously complex taste of bitter coffee and dark chocolate with a light, malty sweetness. Finishes surprisingly clean and dry.
Heater Allen specializes in lagers and they have certainly mastered the art!
This is a great beer.

ABV 4.8%